Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

The Digital Schools Europe website presents a roadmap and self-evaluation to be taken by each school. In that way, the school can know the level of their own Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) program.
TEL map - Credit: TEL4DT

But, what is TEL?
Well, this is not a new concept. It implies a new way to adapt the teacher's work in the classroom. Where technology is present for each student and the learning process can be personalized.
That implies not only present content in different supports but "
innovations in content delivery, assessment methods, and adaptive learning" [1]
The students will be more active in the learning process, and they should be use ICT to acquire specific goals.

This implies a commitment between leadership, teacher professional training and plan to update and to keep all the ICT tools and infrastructure running.
Finally, TEL will prepare our students to acquire digital skills, to adapt for new kind of jobs or challenges, to work as a team.

[1] University of Texas https://facultyinnovate.utexas.edu/teaching/tech (March, 10, 2017)
Francis, Taylor. "Technology-enhanced learning and teaching in higher education: what is ‘enhanced’ and how do we know? A critical literature review" http://oro.open.ac.uk/36675/1/TEL%20in%20Higher%20Education-What%20is%20enhanced%20and%20how%20do%20we%20know.pdf Open Research Online

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