TEL Roadmap - Leadership & Planning: Plan

Leadership & Planning: Plan

A school in the initial stage will be the one that has a basic ICT plan. To become a enabled school, it will be necessary a plan developed by Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team, and a teacher, or group of teachers, with responsibilities and a leadership for that plan. The school will become confident if it has a comprehensive TEL plan and is integrated in school's plan. plan. The development of the plan is led by principal/ICT co-ordinating teacher/TEL Team with all teachers contributing and whole school acceptance. There is a designated ICT co-ordinating teacher with clearly defined duties and responsibilities. Finally, the school will become mature when the teachers implement the TEL plan in their daily work. The teachers and the students are involved in innovative and exemplary practice.


TEL Roadmap - Leadership & Planning: Vision

Leadership & Planning: Vision

A school in the initial stage will be the one that mainly focuses in ICT equipment. To become a enabled school, it will be necessary a plan developed by Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team. The school will become confident if the TEL vision is integrate into the whole school vision. Finally, the school will become mature when the TEL vision is wide ranging and shared by all stakeholders, and it is actively tested through the student learning experience.


Best Practices

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