DSoE Pisa Meeting

"An international network to share best practices and develop a European path in terms of the educational innovation, including through digital technologies. This is the outcome of the project  Digital Schools of Europe , opened in Dublin in October 2015, and with the participation, in addition to Ireland lead partner, and Italy represented by Pisa, Sweden (Malmo), Finland (Oulu), Denmark (Odense), France (Limoges), Portugal (Lisbon), Spain (Murcia), each with Municipalities and / or universities and two schools. 
[...] The goal is to define the status of the European situation on analog innovation theme of the learning process, and in what ways and how digital technologies can foster and actualize this revolution, analyzing needs and pave the way for the next steps also through the sharing of best practices." in  La Nazione
You can read the full article here: https://goo.gl/LDxa1q 

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